We chose the name “Merit” to convey a sense of our purpose and values.  Indeed, “merit” in the dictionary includes the following definitions:



1. Superior quality or worth; excellence: a proposal of some merit; an ill-advised plan without merit.

2. A quality deserving praise or approval; virtue: a store having the merit of being open late.

3. Demonstrated ability or achievement: promotions based on merit alone.

4. An aspect of character or behavior deserving approval or disapproval. Often used in the plural: judging people according to their merits.


Having come from a corporate background in San Francisco, we are familiar with the concept of “meritocracy” in which young professionals can rise quickly in terms of responsibility and stature (and more seasoned executives cannot rest very long on laurels and can fall just as fast).


So, Merit Capital Advisors may be viewed as reflecting all of the above.

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